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June 10, 1998

Our Dear Bart,

We're are hoping this will find its way to you, for we know of no other way to reach you.  You are loved more than words can say, and are in our constant prayers, hearts, and thoughts.  We have made many attempts to find you, for we hope to speak with you and give you a hug.  It's been 7 years.  You do not have to fear us.  We are not going to take you by force.

Your little sister graduated last year in special education, and was so blessed to have five years in the Bozeman H.S. with teachers who loved her and appreciated her ways.  She now has a day program in a workshop where she is also well received and loved, and seems to be very happy there.  We wonder if it is much like where you worked in Moscow.  Her daily seizures continue, and she has had some pretty serious injuries, but she does quite well considering all she must deal with.  Bozeman is so receptive to our special kids, and there is so much for her here.  She's able to participate in many recreational opportunities through a program called Eagle Mount.  It provides skiing, horseback riding, skating, swimming, bowling, etc. for the handicapped with caring volunteers.  The girl who thinks she's a dog has her dog, Bo.  He's a yellow lab, and a terrific one.  We had a black lab for 5 years, but lost her to an accident in the woods.  It broke her heart as well as your dad's, so they are glad to have Bo.  She misses her big brother, and asks daily where you are.  She says you are in the volcano, or in N. Carolina. Maybe she knows more than we do.  What a gal!  She could never forget the love you showed her.  You were her best friend.  That always remains in the heart.

Your Sammy has been so sweet to always stay in touch with us and send little gifts.  She also does the same for Cheri and her family.  Sammy married in the fall and seems very happy.  She teaches at a school-home for black children teaching them English.   I believe it's Isaiah 58, and she has written a few small text books on teaching English to Xhosa speaking children.  She's so special.  No wonder she was your friend.

Cheri and Shawn have two beautiful children, Jordan Faith 3 years old, and Thomas William, 1 years old.  We have been blessed to see them 4 times a year.  Heidi has really enjoyed sharing in the lives of these babies.  What a blessing.  I was there for both births.  Daddy took good care of our Heidi as always, making it possible for me to go.

We love you son, and are always here for you.  We pray you'll visit us one day soon.  We assume you know Grandpa Wilcox died two years ago.  We have written, but aren't sure you received a word.  We miss him very much.

Our love,

Mom, Dad and Heidi

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