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April 5, 2002

My Dearest Patrick (Kishi),

We miss you so very much and are anxious to hear how you are doing. I so long to hear from you and wish so very much we could have a nice long visit. We would love to hear how and what you are doing and where your thoughts are. We have never questioned your life style we just want to be a part of your life again. We all truly believe that is what God intends for families. We can lead different lives, but remain a family and share news and God's gifts with one another. To hear your voice would be such a blessing. Everyone here is fine but there is an emptiness that will not be filled without you.

Here is a family update. Mike is living in Richland, WA now as he has accepted a position with the City of Richland. This is something Mike has wanted for many years it just came a little sooner than expected. He will have a tremendous amount of responsibility, but he seems to thrive in challenging situations. We are very happy for him and this great opportunity.

Grant has been given an opportunity to start his own company so he and JoAnna are excited as he will be home more now. Tucker and Alize are very happy about having Daddy home more (Jo is thrilled, of course). They went to Amsterdam for a week, but were so home sick for the children they came home early.

Darcy and Tim are fine too. You will be proud to know that Darcy graduates from Wash State May 11th. She has worked very hard and Washington State has offered her a job she can do while home. This offer was a surprise and she is very excited about it. She wants to work with troubled adolescents so we will have a lot in common as I am interning next summer at the Juvenile Detention Center. I am so happy that God has led both of us to work in the same field especially as our youth is so troubled today.

Well, that is all the news for now. I do pray I will hear from you soon as when we last spoke you mentioned we would be able to have contact. I love you my son and you are always in my prayers and thoughts. Please let us know how you are doing and let us share in your life. We love you and pray for you always.

These letters are always so difficult as all I really want to say is please, please find it in your heart to call us so we will know our beloved son and brother is thinking of us and that you are healthy and safe. We love and miss you my son.

Love always and unconditionally,
Your Mom

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