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June 10, 2002

Dear Joe,

May the God of love and peace, the Creator who set in motion the universe and the laws that govern nature, the God who reveals himself to whom He wills and when He wills, the God who has revealed Himself to all peoples in all times through beauty, through the mystery of nature's laws, through prophets and holy men, through the love and holy sacrifice of Jesus his only begotten Son and through the gift of the Holy Spirit bless you, nourish you, strengthen you, bring you joy and peace and reveal himself to you. This is my blessing to you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Our three years here in Germany are up now. We will be returning back to El Paso in August or September. God willing, our paths will cross in the not too distant future. That will be a moment of divine mercy and divine justice that will shine like a brilliant star that will not lose it's light for all time because it will have it's root, it's stem, it's flower and it's fruit in our mighty God Himself. Who fights against this moment fights against God.

Andrew was with us for six months recuperating from a foot injury. By the grace of God, Little Joe was here too for four months. He attended German school and did very well picking up the language. He was in the third grade and will go into fourth next year. He is very handsome and as smart as a McDade. They returned to the states a week ago. Angie wanted Joe back by June 1.

Liz is coming to visit for two weeks or so the first weeks of July. If you would like to visit call us collect at
5AM in New York = 11AM in Germany

There is a six hour time difference from the east coast. Please do not be afraid that we will kidnap you or somehow try and undermine your decisions or choices. You are following God's call as well as we are. I have never doubted that you are following God's call with all your heart.

Your brothers and sister are all doing well and so are your Dad and I. Also Grandma and Grandps are well. God bless you with every good thing and comfort and nourish you with his love. May you physically feel his loving presence. That is my prayer for you Joe. I love you.



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