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September 8, 2002

Dear Joe,

May our Father in heaven whose presence is in the universe in every particle of creation be with you and make his presence felt within you as St. John sensed the presence of Jesus while he was still in his mother's womb. May you feel his mercy and healing assurance and assistance in your heart, your mind, and your body.

We leave Germany tomorrow afternoon from Frankfort. Our stay here has been in some ways a trial from the Lord and in others a new enlightenment. Always we sense his loving care for us as I believe you do.

I read a book by one of your brothers whom God called forth from the group to be a light and comfort for parents who have been in a way abandoned by their children who have joined the Jim Roberts group.

His story reassured me that God is within you, with you at your side. It was like a flashlight shining on your life so I could see that even though you may be undergoing difficult trials physically, emotionally and spiritually God is there with you responding when you call out to him.

There was never a doubt in my heart that God was with you. There was never a doubt that it was His voice you were following. The path you are following is where he is preparing you, teaching you, leading you where He will.

God was just kind and merciful to let me read about your life, merciful that more information about your group came about from a national TV program. Like a mother reassures her child when the child is afraid - that is how our merciful Father treated me letting me know so much about your group.

I will keep praying that you will want in your heart to see us and renew our family love. God created our family, you are part of it. We are a living entity. Yes we must all leave our family and our home to build up God's kingdom as your Daddy and I left our homes, but my dear mother would suffer greatly if she didn't get to see me or my dad if we lost touch. It is a mystery why this connection of love strives to be, it must be from God don't you think. His will is beyond our understanding. Ponder as we might there are things that are true and cannot be rationalized away. Joe I'm praying for you, I am not afraid to pray for you to reconnect in a loving and lasting way with your family. God the Holy Spirit is with us as he is with you - working in both places for the coming of Jesus kingdom on this earth.

We are returning to El Paso, but not to the same place. We sold the house on Oxford and we will have to get a new one. This is Grandma and Grandpa's phone number -915-565-8421- call collect any time. I will send you our number as soon as we get it. I'll put it on this website. September 9 we will leave Germany and arrive in El Paso the evening of the 9th God willing.

Your brothers and sister are doing well. We could all use your prayers. You are in ours.

The Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit be with you, Joseph.



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