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October 16, 2002


Hi. It is October 16, 2002. I was 16 when we talked for the last time and when I knew that you were in my life and felt secure in that. I'm 21 now, and I'm living my own life. It's going pretty good. I would really like to know how the past 5 years has been for you also. Good, bad, boring, growing, or something else. It's been a funny couple of years trying to not want to talk to you and call you to tell you when something good happens. I still actually think about picking up the phone to tell you when something has happened in my life that I know you would love to hear. It is sometimes something small even, but I still think of you first.

I want to tell you so much, and some day I'll be able to tell you everything I've been waiting to tell you. I also want to thank you. Thank you for doing something for yourself. For going away and giving me no choice but to grow up on my own with no one by my side who I know will be with me forever...besides Him. Even though we don't talk anymore, I still know that every day you think of me, and I think of you. I pray that you are healthy and safe whenever my thoughts move to you. When I hear dad drumming, I think of you playing.

I just thought I should write, and maybe you'll get this letter and decide to call me. I'm leaving for the Air Force in February, 2003. I'm going to be stationed in California for the next four years at least, if not more. You can always write to me at Grandma Mac's house: 128 Normandy Drive, Addison, IL 60601 or at dad's: 29W117 Army Trail Road, West Chicago, IL 60185 and I'll get the letter. Anything from you would be nice. I know you wrote to mom once... My cell phone is (773) 704-4840 if by chance you call. You know I love you. God bless.

Until we meet again...

Mechelle Tomasone

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