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September 18, 2003

Dear Joe,

The seasons come and go. Each time there is a change in weather signaling a new season your pictures seem to come more alive. You are more alive than ever in my heart Joseph. One of these days you may be stirred by the spirit to come and see us. Anytime you would like to come you can email me and we will send you a ticket to come and visit. We would be happy to send you a ticket to visit Liz or Paul or Sean and Stephanie or Andrew and little Joe How happy you would make any of us to visit.

Here is my email address:
phone number: 1-915-591-4345

We are in El Paso, we don't know for how long since your Daddy is planning to retire and we will settle down somewhere probably not El Paso. Right now Tuscaloosa is at the top of the list because it is green and they don't have a water shortage like in El Paso. Asheville, NC is second on the list, but we may even end up just staying here on the border.

Remember Carlos who used to come to our house on Oxford? He has been in prison for almost 8 years for crossing the border without papers twice. Of course he didn't have papers. He is one of so many who are just born in Mexico no paper work is done on them. They are born at home and then at 6 or 7 they start working to help the family buy corn for tortillas, beans and the bare necessities. If they are lucky they have a baptismal certificate which counts for nothing in the political scene, but at least it is a paper documenting that they existed. It is so sad about Carlos. Such a simple humble person losing 8 years of his life. We write letters back and forth. His faith in Jesus love for him has kept him going for these years.

Joe your grandma and grandpa are still pretty healthy although your grandma is losing her vision. She can only see out of one eye now and that is deteriorating. She never ceases praying for you. Your picture is right there on her little altar with all her santos -- the Santo Nino, our blessed Mother, St. Anthony, St. Joseph and others and candles, several rosaries.

Your Daddy and I are fine. I'm teaching English as a Second Language at EPCC to Spanish speaking people who are here in the US now and trying to learn the language. They are wonderful people, they touch my heart with their desire to learn and the sincere effort they put into it. Our country is blessed to have people who appreciate their good fortune at being here. Your Daddy continues working helping soldiers with their problems. He has done a lot of good in this job. Once in a while someone writes him to thank him for the impact that he made in their lives. That makes your Daddy happy.

I hope you will read this letter. Sorry it's so long.

Your brothers and sister are doing very well. Andrew has changed his life around. Your prayers helped I'm sure. He has full custody of Joe (10 years old now), is going to college at Shelton State in Tuscaloosa, and is doing very well. This is his second semester. Little Joe goes to Holy Spirit and he's in the 5th grade. Liz is at Iowa in Iowa City. She is in her second year of graduate school studying psychology. Paul is now in Los Angeles with his girlfriend. He wants to complete a documentary on his friend Flemming. Sean and Stephanie are in California too in Sacramento.

The whole world and everything in it are God's domain and we are all of us being filled with his life even as we breathe. There is no denying his power over all things nor can we deny that he loves us all as we are and we only need to open our hearts to him so he can change the world. We have only to open our eyes to see that he is working right next to us, and right next to you. Jesus, your holy name be blessed. Jesus brother, Jesus friend, Jesus counselor.

Bye for now my dear Joseph.



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