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July 18, 2004

Dear Joseph,

Hope you are doing well and that you are full of the healing peace of our brother and savior Jesus our hope and our redeemer in whose heart we are etched forever. Every blessing that a mother can command for her son I call down on you so that you may know God as he wills and be filled with his spirit and every power of this spirit come to fruition in your heart and mind I pray in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen.

God continues to shower his blessings on us keeping us close to his heart, nurturing us with his precious body and blood and granting every evidence that he is truly leading and guiding you and your brothers and sister protecting you as well as us from harm.

Your Dad has retired and we are living in Alabama. We have a comfortable home by the grace of God and every material thing we need. God is taking care of us and leading us as he always has. We are here so we can help Andrew and Little Joe who is now eleven.

You would be proud of your brother Andrew. He has turned his life around. Your prayers and sacrifices have played no small part in this miracle. He is enrolled in college. By summer's end he will have completed two years of college at the University of Alabama here in Tuscaloosa with all A's and B's. He is enrolled in a five year program for the Masters in Social Work. He also has full custody of Joe. So in three years Andrew by the grace of God will have a degree and will be able to make contributions to help bring about God's kingdom in hopefully many lives.

Joe is in Holy Spirit school and happy to be with his Dad. It is so obvious that he adores him. We are able to help them in many ways and they light up our life bringing us joy and laughter and commotion.

Sean and Stephanie are doing well. Sean is studying computer animation. Stephanie publishes a newsletter for a state employee's union. They continue to develop their talents by the grace of God.

Paul is working still developing his artistic talent in film. He is following the voice in his heart. God's law is written in the heart. "I am faithful from generation to generation says the Lord". God is with him as he is with you as he is with us.

Liz is in graduate school at the U of Iowa. She is studying Psychology. I believe it is Public Health Psychology.

We thought your Grandpa Montez was a goner there for a while. He had stopped eating and lost so much weight. Down to eighty pounds. They finally traced his ailment to a stomach infection. Now he is getting better. Praise God. Your dear grandma must have an eye removed because of infection and deterioration. They are afraid the infection will spread to the good eye. How she prays for you. She can't read and she can barely see so she spends all her time praying to every saint in heaven and our blessed Mother to intercede for us and to our beloved Jesus to help us all by the power of his love.

Your Uncle Pancho died. He finished up his work on earth rather quickly. He was a very holy man, a man who reflected our heavenly father. He was joyful, very wise and of deep understanding and spent his life helping others, encouraging those who were down and bringing smiles to those who needed them. He also learned electricity by himself and took care of St. Leanders parish in Pueblo, Colorado for years fixing everything that needed fixing. He is near us wanting to help ask him for help. So is your grandpa Peter after whom you are named waiting to be greeted by you remembered by you as well as by us.

Daddy and I are in great health thanks to our merciful Lord. We thank God constantly for his mighty blessings toward us. Your Daddy is helping do things around St. Francis. They have been painting and refinishing the floors. Mr. Fisher, Julia and Jeff Fisher's dad is in charge of taking care of things like your Uncle Pancho in Pueblo. I taught for a summer program for Hispanic kids this summer at Stillman College. Maybe I'll teach Spanish at the U of A in September.

Joe you know we are here for you always if we can be of help to you or your friends. Our door is always open to you and your friends.

Our new address is 1237 26th Ave, East Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35404; our phone number, 205-553-0778; my email,

May our heavenly Father grant you every grace to do his will and may he grant you every material thing you need to complete his will. May all the saints in heaven by the power of God's love be at your side to help you in all you have to do. May all the angels in heaven by the power of God clear your way before you and protect you from those who would do you harm.

Un abrazo fuerte de tu mama que tanto te quiere. (A strong hug from your mother who loves you so much.)



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