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December 12, 2004

Dearest Joe,

Just want you to know that you are constantly in my prayers and alive in my heart. God is with you. May the power of the Holy Spirit stir in your heart. May he strengthen your intellect and will so that you may know the truth that is written in your heart and is every where to behold. May the Lord who has always led his people with his light as he led the Israelites with the flame of fire, and the wise men with the star, may He send you a sign to follow. May you be a light to all you meet and to those you live with. Joseph, Joseph, Joseph we love you.

May Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, whose feast is today, let you feel a mother's love today and everyday. I know she will. At 6AM we will sing Las Mananitas to our Lady and process to church in a candlelight procession. At 10AM we will have an auto procession with everyone driving decorated cars. Then mass at 11AM. After that, a great Mexican meal.

You would be amazed at the hours families spend making the decorations for the hall and the altar and the cars. They cut long pine needles of pine cuttings and make these incredible garlands and then hang flowers and other decorations from them. I am truly blessed to be working with the Hispanic community. They do everything as a community exhorting each other and encouraging each other and how they love Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Mass.

You are in my prayers all day today. I will offer my day for you putting all my efforts and love on the paten with the precious body and blood of Jesus for you so that you may feel the joy that comes from God and know the ways of our merciful Father in Heaven. Un abrazo fuerte de tu Mama que tanto te quiere.



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