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April 7, 2005

Dearest Joseph,

What a beautiful name you have. How are you Joseph dear? Where are you sleeping tonight? What will you have for supper? Who will smile at you today and...who will you share your heart with today? I hope you are carrying no heavy burdens in your heart. Our risen Lord is here with us. No need for heavy hearts.

I'm not sure about how easy it is for you to try and answer this e-mail. I couldn't answer myself when I tried a little while ago. 1-205-553-0778 call collect and let us know how you are. After 10 years we would like to see you. That would not be an indulgence on your part. That would be mercy. You would be reflecting the mercy of the Lord. God is merciful and loving and makes the sun to shine on the good and the evil. Even the dogs get crumbs from the table. The prodigal while he was still a long ways off was joyfully awaited and grand preparations were made for his arrival. If God is nothing else he is merciful. Not an iota of fear or tribulation is possible if we let him fill us up.

We are human and continue to sin but all the time the Holy Spirit is working in us not abandoning us for an instant and bringing to fruition the gifts of our baptism.

For now dearest, un abrazo fuerte de tu mama que tanto te quiere.



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