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September 13, 2005

Dear Joseph,

What could a mother say to get a son to send a note and let her hear his voice. I have faith in God, Joe. I know he is at your right hand. I miss you so much. I pray for you everyday.

What did you eat today? How are you feeling right now? Tired? hungry? peaceful? Did you see a friendly face today? Did you make eye contact with another person on his or her faith journey? We are on the same journey you and I. Millions of others are too - all over the planet. I wonder how many are as aware as you and I of the awesome power of our Lord and how he is intimately involved with our lives and with all of humanity? How many see his handiwork? Many see brokenness and think "How can there be a God?" It's the human condition. Love one another - mend, heal, raise up, help "animaos unos a los otros mientras dura el hoy", "encourage one another while there is today" St. Paul, I think. Then brokenness decreases. We become happier, more fulfilled as does our neighbor.

I wonder why God gave you such an understanding heart. Such a keen intelligence,and all the other gifts. I think to help humanity. I think to help many with your writing. Encouraging them through your words, thoughts, observations and experiences. That's what I think and if I could talk to you face to face I would encourage you to reflect and pray for strength and guidance in doing God's holy will. I'll have to just send this into the electronic world of connections and pray that this reaches you and that you take what I say into account.

Your sister is planning to get married in the Spring or Summer. You would like her future husband Elliot. He is very humble. They are both working on their PhDs in Iowa City. Andrew started his senior year at U of Alabama. Joe is 12 years old and in the 7th grade. He finished a report tonight on Stonehenge. He loves to read and reads tons of books. He is spending the night here because Andrew has a lot of work to do for a class tomorrow.

Sean and Stephanie are living in NYC. Olive is with them. Sean is working for the Associated Press. He likes his job. He is working with graphics. Paul is in LA. He has put filmmaking aside and is studying acting. He couldn't afford to make any more little films. He has a very nice girlfriend. They've been together for two or three years now.

Daddy is retired and taking it easy around the house. He is happy that he no longer has to hurry up and get to work. I'm working with the Hispanic population here in Tuscaloosa. Lots of them here. They have a great faith and they are making me stronger in mine. God is in my every waking moment and when I sleep he's there with me. Do you look at the stars at night Joe? When you do, think of us. "I will make my people as numerous as the stars". I love you my dearest Joseph Peter McDade. Un abrazo fuerte de tu mama que tanto te quiere. (A big hug from your Mom who loves you so much.)



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