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September 13, 2005

Dear Sean and Steffe, Andrew, Paul and St. Jon, Joseph, Dolly and Elliot, Gabby and Faith,

These are the prayers of the universal Church that priests, monks and sisters pray. They are said all over the globe in the different languages 365 days a year and at certain times of the day so the prayer is unceasing. They are on the internet.  The website might be on the prayers, if not, you can get them by searching "Divine Office" and the site is Universalis I think.

I got a wonderful little book that has them all Lauds - the morning prayer, Vespers - the evening prayer and Compline the night prayer these are called the "hours" of the day. The Church has 9 "hours". Lauds, Vespers and Compline are only 3 of them and the laity now prays these.

I would recommend strongly that you try and pray them every day so that your spirit will grow strong and you will nurture your relationship with God in a beautiful way. You are his people. He wants to make Hmself and his ways known to you so that strengthened by the light of his word you can walk with a renewed conviction and a clearer understanding of your purpose in this world. I love you all so much. Un abrazo fuerte de su Mama y hermana que tanto los quiere.

Mom, Dorothy


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