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December 29, 2005

Christmas 2005
Christmas greetings Joseph,

May the peace that the baby Jesus brought to Earth fill your heart with it's mighty illuminating power, Joe. I hope you are warm tonight and every night. Christmas of 1994 was the last one you spent with us illuminating us and warming us with your presence. You are still with us through the wonderful gift of memory. How I wish I could hug you and when scripture says we are created in God's image it isn't kidding because we would be so happy like the father in the story of the prodigal son when he saw him a long ways off he ordered the killing of the fatted calf and a feast prepared. That is how it will be when we see you again, Joe. Nothing but joy - jublilation and celebration and that day is closer now. I am singing and celebrating already.

This was the first Christmas Daddy and I have been alone since 1966. Andrew was here Christmas Eve with us, but Christmas day he went with Little Joe to his sister's house (not Andrew's daughter) then Joe went with his Mom to Birmingham. He will be back Saturday. Sean and Stephanie went to Pennsylvania with her parents. Liz was in Santa Cruz California with her fiancee, Elliot. Paul and his girlfriend, St. Jon, went up to Santa Cruz from LA and spent Christmas and another day or two with them. I'm glad they were with each other. Next year, God willing, we will be here all together. That is the plan.

We weren't alone for Christmas dinner. I invited three brothers - who brought along 5 more cousins and brothers in law. They were all from Vera Cruz, Mexico working here to send money home to their families. I also invited other people from our Hispanic community over. It was a very nice meal. You would have loved it. We had 15 people in all eating dinner here with us and I was happy they all came.

Many people are praying for you, Joseph. They are all praying that you will leave that group that misleads you when it doesn't encourage you to let your family know you are OK. I can only assume that they lay a guilt trip on you about contacting your parents because you knew better before you became part of this group. I have every confidence in you. If you want to live your life for God, you show mercy like our Father in Heaven who makes the sun to shine on the good and the evil and contact us that you are OK! You wrote us letters when you first left and you said don't worry Mom and Dad I'm fine - well why did those letters stop 9 years ago? You will have been gone 11 years next month. Think about that...if you had a son and he disappeared from your life and you had not a clue if he were alive or dead, how would you feel?

Un abrazo fuerte de tu mama que tanto te quiere.

I love you,

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