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March 1, 2006

Dearest Joseph,

Lent begins tomorrow. It is Ash Wednesday and you will probably not read this letter before then, but I still pray that you will read it tomorrow. I am adding a note I wrote your brothers and sister about Lent. Please step into a Catholic Church now during Lent and worship God who is present in the tabernacle. This bread, the body of Christ, is the new and eternal covenant, the new alliance between God and Man. I pray you will feel the truth in the flesh of your heart. "The truth is written in your heart," says the Lord. I trust in the Lord who never fails us.

You are seeking the Lord, Joseph, but he is not with the group you are with. They are on the wrong path by following the letter and not the spirit of God's holy word. I will write this letter on paper too and pray that you see it, read it and take it to heart.

Do you know we have a new Pope, Joe? Pope Benedict XV! I love Him so much. He is not afraid to be a prophet. He speaks out to the whole world. We need these voices. In him we recognize the voice of the Shepherd - God helps us find our way in the wilderness of life where it is so easy to get lost and go astray. God has blessed him with a great intellect. I thank God for him.

Happy Birthday, Joe! My prayers are always with you, Joe, most especially Thursday, your birthday. My friend, her daughter, and I will be praying for you all day I hope you feel God's peace in your heart. May the light and wisdom of the Holy Spirit flood your soul and may this Spirit fortify your will to serve the Lord in truth. I hope you feel a Mother's loving presence encouraging you and filling you with the joy that comes from our Father in Heaven. I ask our blessed Mother to make her loving presence felt by you. She has the power to do it and I believe she does. Happy Birthday, dear Joseph. Please say a Hail Mary on your birthday. Her Son would be so happy to hear you addressing his Mother. He loved her so much that he did not allow her body to undergo the corruption of death. If anyone argues with you about this, they are either ignorant or an enemy of your heart. Open your eyes.

The rest of my letter follows.



Hello, my dear children,

I want to remind you that tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and an important day to go to mass. It is the first day of Lent -- the season when we put in extra effort to grow closer to God by prayer, doing good works, self denial (doing things that are hard for you, but that you know are for your own good), fasting, and abstinence.

Your faith is a precious gift. If you read the scriptures you will see all the ways that it can enrich your lives. Celebrate your faith by going to mass, visiting the Blessed Sacrament even if just for a few moments. He is always there in the tabernacle and a visit warms us like the sun. Talk to Him there and thank Him for all the gifts He has given you...your hands, your feet, your eyes, your brain, those you love, and those who love you -- so many things. You could go each day and not finish thanking Him for all the good things He gives you. Ask Him to become a greater part of your life and He will. Praise Him for all the wonderful things He has created for our use, for all the things He has put in harmony, for all the beauty of the seasons, for the planets, stars, sun and moon, praise Him for giving us a heart that never sleeps. Ask Him to enlighten your hearts to know Him to love Him and to serve Him and our brother. with the talents He has given you. And pray for our world and He will listen.

Un abrazo fuerte de su mama que tanto los quiere.



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