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May 11, 2006

Dearest Joseph,

May the glorious pascal peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. These 5 weeks of Easter the mighty grace of our Savior is flowing throughout the Earth renewing us with his life. I hope you are feeling a new surge of faith, hope and love. That is my prayer for you in this holy season Joe.

My heart continues to ache with a mother's desire to see you and have a conversation with you. I want to hear your voice, see you smile, hear you laugh and enjoy a meal with you. I want to celebrate life with you. This is what my heart wants. There is an ache here that never goes away.

Jim Robert's teaching is sterile Joseph. They go inward not outward. They scrub away all the good instead of incorporating it so God's plan can be accomplished. Nobody knows what God has in store for the human race, but we know the good in every person and all peoples will contribute to the good of the whole. There is good in everyone and we need to reach out to others not to bring them in to our "group", but to serve them where they are with the talents God has given each of us to help others in need.

You have a fine mind Joseph. You know who blessed you with that gift and many other gifts. You have a talent for writing the ability to perceive and then to add something of yourself to aid others in understanding through your writing. That is a great gift. You have a responsibility to use that talent for the good of others. If you think using your talents will make you vain you are taking the stance of the servant who buried his talent. The power of the Holy Spirit will protect you from corruption. That is what our faith is all about. We just work for others and pray that we are effecting a change in the world for good and that we are being transformed into holy people. Life and work are about: faith - to initiate the action, love - to move us to continue, and hope - to hold fast.

Joseph, you have to leave that group. They are hidden - you yourself run away and hide like you did when you saw Danny in Washington, DC. Jesus said his Church would be the "light of the world" and that "a city set on a hill cannot be hid" (Matt. 5:14). Jim Roberts group can't be Jesus' Church because you all are hidden.

The Holy Spirit will protect you Joe just as it has protected his Church. There have been unwise leaders, corrupt priests and popes, and heretics, but the Church still continues on because the Holy Spirit protects us. You are very important in God's plan. God will arm you with his grace and all you need to start your life away from the Jim Roberts group.

Un abrazo fuerte de tu mamá que tanto te quiere. A strong hug from your mother who loves you so much. Love Mom

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