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August 8, 2007

Dear Bart (Zephaniah),

You have been and always are on our minds more than you could possibly know. I have not put a letter on this web page for so long, but that is because I did not think you would read it. I am hoping that somehow you will hear there is a letter to you on the web and read it. I have sent letters to Knoxville and Seattle over the years and never heard from you. It is hard to believe it has been 7 years since the miracle of seeing you in Minneapolis. How I wish Daddy, Cheri, and Heidi could have that pleasure. Never a word from you. I guess this pleases Jim Roberts that you choose not to write your mother and father and sisters. We are so saddened by it and pray you will take a turn in this decision.

Jimmy Isenhower is headed to Iraq. Joel is there now. Thought you might like to know to pray for them.

We are doing well. We went to Stephanie's wedding in July and will go to Chuck's in Sept. Cheri and Shawn went to Stephanie's and all their family will be at Chucks. It is a blessing to see them whenever we are able. They are so far away and plane tickets keep going up. They are doing well and their children are: Jordan, 12; Tommy, 10; and William, 21/2. They are all healthy sweet children. They know of you because Cheri keeps you very alive in their lives and they hope to meet their Uncle Bart one day. Heidi is doing pretty well. What a blessing she is. She still has her seizures almost everyday but we try our best to keep her safe and she is happy. She too asks of you and where you are often. Daddy is fine and stays busy. How lucky I am to have such a loving husband and wonderful father. We will have been married 40 years Dec 26. Well, son, how do I write a letter to tell you of the last 16 years? Only know how much we love you.



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