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March 8, 2008


How are you doing, Larry? I hope all is well with you. A while back I had asked if you got married. I'd still like to know. Are you enjoying the book that I sent to you -- Holy toYahveh/Yashua? The scripture is out of The King James version. Larry, do you agree with what apostle James is saying in James 2:1-26 having to do with "The Sin of Partiality"? It was an eye opener to me and I thought to share it with you. This faith walk is a process and the process will continue until the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am ready for His return and the reason for my writing is I want you to be ready as well. Salvation is what it is all about. Amen! John4:7-8, 16-17.

God bless you Son

Your Dad


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