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June 20, 2011

Hello Patrick,

I hope this finds you happy and well. It has been 13 years this week since you left, it seems like forever!! As I look back over this time span I realize how much has happened and how much things have changed. You have never even met Tucker and now he is 10 years old; he is such a sweet heart, so loving and such a great heart for others. Sarah is now 20 and living in Vancouver; she is working and going to school. Washington State now has a campus in Vancouver so she can finish her bachelors without being too far from home. Connor graduated last week; it was my 5th graduation from Kelso High! Samantha has been working here at the house all week to earn money for a tournament she is going to this weekend; she is really a hard worker. Darcy and Tim have great children who are all doing well. Darcy and Tim recently spend a week in New York. We treated them to the airline tickets so Darcy could go to a Book Exposition held in New York City. She reviews books for publicists and authors and was invited to have lunch with one of her favorite authors; she was so excited. Tim was able to go to a Yankees game, a life long dream!

Joanna and Grant are doing well. JoAnna is working at the hospital; she is in charge of the gift shop and coffee shop as well as the volunteers. She is busy and is applying to WSU Vancouver as she graduated from LCC this year. Grant travels all the time so she has a lot of responsibilities but of course handles them well!! Tucker is an excellent student and Alize has a 4.0 so they are doing well too. They both read book after book after book. Alize and I share "book" information as I read all the time too. Tucker is an amazing reader, mostly science and animals!!

I miss you so much and pray everyday you will contact us. If you ever want to come home you know we will do whatever it takes to get you here. We can make all the arrangements and get you home. You are such a wonderful, smart, kind and loving person; you have so much to offer yourself and the world. I know the world can be harsh and painful, but as Jesus makes it so clear that is when we turn to him for strength, wisdom and discernment. We need to embrace each other in faith and humility and move forward; how powerful is that!! We have a commission in life when bad things happen to make good of them, to find God's peace and in some small way contribute to our world to exhibit God's love and partnership with us. How can we be in God's Grace and not step out and live in the world that is so weary and in need of as much flow of love as we can contribute. You have God given gifts that need to be used and shared not only with others but with your family. We are always waiting to here from you! Sometimes I wonder if you realize how much you are loved and how, even if you are not here, you are always in our conversations and our hearts. We want you to be happy and seek the life you desire, but we want to be a part of that life as well. There is nothing but positive love and support waiting for you here. I remember the last time I saw you I asked if I could hold your hand. To hold your hand was so important to me; it must be a mother thing:) I know I hold you in my heart so dear and lovingly; no matter how long you are gone you will always be my son, my Patrick, my joy and blessed gift from God! There is a lot of love waiting here for you. We would also be so happy to go wherever you are if even just for a visit. JoAnna told me yesterday that "I just want to go find him", but I have no idea where you are. Please let us know how you are. It would ease our hearts a lot if we could just know how you are and what you are doing.

Remember you can always call us just to visit. If you are in need of anything please let us know and we can send you calling cards or whatever you might need.

I love you as always unconditionally and with my whole heart!




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