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October 17, 2012

Our Dear Bart,

So long since we have posted a letter to you on the computer, and know you told me you did not use it, but maybe you have changed your mind over the years and will see this. We miss you so and hope you are well. There is always so much we would like to share with you, like the last 20 years. It has been 4 years since we saw you and Paul in Denver, which was the first time Daddy and Heidi had seen you in 17 years. So hard to believe. If you find it in your heart to call or come for a visit we would be so grateful. We certainly are realizing how time is moving along, Dad 68, I'm 67, Heidi 36, and Cheri 43. Her Jordan is going to be 18 In Jan. and is a senior. Tommy is 16, and Will almost 8. You are always in our prayers each day, always on our hearts.

God bless you son,

Hi son,

Hope you are doing well. Today would be Grandpa Wilcox's 100th birthday. We are all well but miss you and having you in our lives. Just seeing you once in 20 years doesn't seem right. I hope you would consider getting in touch with us and even spending some time with us in Montana. It is beautiful here and we are having one of the prettiest falls I can remember. Please reach out and contact us. Our phone number is still 406-763-4789 and our email is

We love you and miss you,

PS Heidi sends her love too.


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