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Dear Bart,

We continue to keep you and your brothers and sisters in our prayers.  It
is our hope that Jerry Williams has been able to get you the two letters we
sent to Ft. Collins for you.  Although we haven't heard from you in four
years, we know you love us and think of your family.  You are in our
constant thoughts and prayers.  Son, as I write, I have a very special
request.  Since you seem to find difficulty in coming home, writing, or
calling us, this is what I'd like to ask of you.  Your sister Heidi goes to
a day workshop M-F 9-3:30 p.m. 12 months a year now.  It's a wonderful
loving atmosphere here in Bozeman.  Like Heidi, the clients and staff are
very special too.  Since we know you are able to get where you want,
whether it be by bus, car, or bike, we thought maybe you could come to
Bozeman and visit Heidi at her shop.  It is called REACH INC, and is at
2134 Industrial Dr. Most anyone in town could direct you.  If it is your
wish, you don't have to see us or talk with us.  Heidi needs to know you
haven't forgotten her, Bart,  1Tim 5:8.  She loves you dearly and can't
understand these things.  We wish we could, but at least we're trying.  It
is so difficult for us to write to you sometimes feeling like we're writing
into a void, never hearing from you. We can tell her aide that you might
come one day..They go out sometimes, but you could find out when they'd be
back.  Early in the day is always good.  You can set it up.  We promise not
to interfer.  We know you'll look different to her after 8 years, but she
will to you too.  We think she'd know you.  Remember how hurt you were when
you showed up with a shaved head and it scared her, and she wasn't sure who
you were?  Those were the blue hair days.  As dad and I get older, we worry
about Heidi and who will care for her.  Cheri cannot do this alone.  It
takes 1-1 all the time. She is the only one at the shop who has her own
aide.  She is in constant danger with her seizures.  If you are able to
come, we'd love to see you but that of course is your choice.  You have
nothing to be fearful of. 

Cheri and her family will be here Christmas night for a week.  It's
certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas with our heavy blanket of
fresh fallen snow.  We will soon place your angel on the top of our tree.
It is a very special time for us.  Heidi's eyes fill with twinkling
excitement over the season.  On Sunday we will carol a friend that is
terminal that co-chaired our State Special Olympics.  What a wonderful
community the Lord has led us to. 

God Bless you.  Love, Mom, Dad, and Heid

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