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Dearest Maria,
    I hope someday your sisters and brothers who know of this site and
read these letters will let you know the information contained in our
letters to you.  I pray someday soon we will be able to communicate
directly with you.  We love hearing from you, but wish we had a place to
send letters to you also. There is much we would like to share with you
and much we would like to learn about your life.

    Again, this note brings sad news.  Uncle Mark died suddenly, of what
seemed to be a heart attack, last Sunday.  The doctors weren't really
sure, so they're doing an autopsy. We won't know the results for six to
12 weeks. The funeral was on Thursday.  Dad
and I spent the last week with Angela and the boys.  It was a very
difficult week for everyone, especially Zack and Miles.
    I'm sorry to have to put this stuff on a machine in our attempt to
communicate with you.  A phone call or letter would be much better, but
we know of no other way to reach you.
    Dad just brought in a letter from you.  Thank you.  God has heard
our prayers yet again. We really like to receive your letters, even
though there is no way to respond to them except on this site.
    We are glad to know that you are healthy, happy and doing well.
Thank you for your continued prayers.  You are, likewise, always in our
prayers. We are studying the Word, as you suggested.  We are learning
    We will read the testimony you sent, but it will take sometime for
me to do so. It is 36 pages long and in such small type.  My eyesight
has gotten much worse in the last few years and I now wear tri-focals.
It will take my glasses and a magnifying glass to read the testimony.
    I agree with the woman who suggested you should call your parents.
Although it may be somewhat difficult, it is better than not
communicating.  We have never tried to discourage you from being a
practicing Christian, quite the contrary, so why should you be afraid to
call us.  We have heard that many of the brothers and sisters not only
call their parents, but also visit them.  We have learned a lot in the
past two and a half years since you left.  We do not question your
freedom to practice the religion of your choice. But, we would like open
communication with you.  Not to change your beliefs, but because you are
our daughter and we love you.    We love you and would not harm you.  If
you still are of
the opinion that we are sinners all the more reason you should visit
with us ... even Jesus ate with sinners.  His loving ways  and words
converted them.  He did not seek to alienate them. (Matt. 9:9-13)
    I just wanted to tell you about Uncle Mark.  And, remind you again
that we love you.
    You again said to give Gram your love. There is nothing I would like
to do more, but she died last June 12, after a year long battle with
cancer. We all miss her very much. Many in your group know of Gram's
death, it saddens me greatly that they have not chosen to share the
information with you.  I know knowing about her death would not change
your commitment to be exactly where you are, but it might change the way
you pray for her.
    The boys and Lori are all fine.  Jon and Lori are married and living
in San Luis Obispo now.  Ben also lives there.  Joe is still in San
Francisco.  He, of course, was most affected by Uncle Mark's death as he
saw him most frequently.
    Oh, yes, I do remember the song "Make Me a Channel of Your Peace."
It is the song of St. Francis and has always been one of my favorites.
I remember when we used to sing it together.  "Joyful, Joyful we adore
Thee" is also an old favorite.  I'm glad you have learned to play the
guitar.  I can see you and your friends in my imagination making a
joyful noise unto the Lord and singing His praises.
    May God the Father , Son and Holy Spirit continue to guide your
footsteps.  May men see the good that you do and give glory to God.  May
He continue to protect you and bless you with the miracle of His
butterfly kisses.
    You continue to have our unconditional and undying love.  As you
grow to womanhood you continue to be a special gift from heaven and our
miracle baby.
    Hugs and Kisses,
        Dad and Mom

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