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Dear Patrick, 
We miss you! We wait everyday for a letter or a phone call from you. To hear your voice would be a blessing for all of us. We miss you so very much. We are also very proud of you and your decision to give your life to Christ. God blessed this family the day you were born and continues to bless us everyday with the knowledge that He is in control of your life. What more could a mother ask for but to know that her beloved son is being led by God. Before you left you told me that there will never be anyone who you will answer to except God-for that I am thankful.
Your leaving has had a great influence on the lives that we lead today. Darcy and JoAnna call me everyday and are a great source of strength to me. The three of us have decided that we need to pray together and have a greater spiritual life so God can work in us so we will be lead to lead the life he has chosen for us - God is in control. Your sisters miss you so very much but know that you are leading the life you want and pray for your safety. They so badly want to be a part of that life and wish you were here to help them in their everyday prayer lives. JoAnna is having a difficult time and misses you very much. As you asked me to I have talked to her and we share many late night conversations when she is sad. Jo is making very good decisions in her life and I am very proud of her. Your leaving has shaken her but she is seeking knowledge about her faith and knows she must depend on God for understanding. This has caused dramatic changes in her life and she would love to talk to you about this. 
God has been a great source of strength to me. My faith has always been very strong and I feel closer to God now more than ever. God has shown me that the struggles in life are not where to focus but if I keep my eyes on Him and live everyday in his honor there are no struggles; only joy. We talked about getting back to the basics of life and living only for the purpose that we were put on this earth. I found that if I focus on God all else seems easy. Thank you for being the wonderful son that you have always been - you know how much you mean to me. I told your father the day you were born that you were special and that God had great plans for your life-definitely God inspired. Do you remember the day you and I were sitting in church and you turned to me with tears in your eyes and said "Mom, if everyone in the world was here right now wouldn't the world be a better place." Yes Patrick it would! I understand that some of the brothers and sisters do call and write their parents and family. I do hope you are led to contact us. We share your beliefs that our only purpose on this earth is to live in Gods grace and to honor him. Have you heard the Song "I Surrender All"? When I listen to it I feel that you are talking to me with all the emotion and love you have for the Lord.
Thank you Patrick for being the son that has brought great joy and love to my life. You see God gave you to me to love and cherish and I am willing to give you back to him but I hope that you will see that God loves me too and would never want to separate us. I know that I am just your mother and that God is the most important person to you but I do hope that you will let us know how you are and share your experiences with us. We would love to share with you all your dreams and hopes for your life as well as ours. Remember I told you that if I could visit you I would come immediately. Just let me know and I will be right there.
We are so proud of you and love you so much. Darcy, Tim, Sarah, Connor, and Samantha love and miss you so much. The children are growing and talk about Uncle Pat all the time. God is gracious and works great miracles in our lives every day. Papa misses you so very much and hopes for a phone call. His eyesight has failed him so he is no longer working - at 78 that is probably a good thing! He is so at peace with his life and we enjoy him so much. His faith is unshakable and he embraces life.
Pat, I am now working with women who have endured great pain and are very confused as to life in general. I hope that you will pray for me that I will be an instrument of Gods to help these women find and understand God's purpose for their lives. I hope to live out the rest of my life doing Gods work. I would love to share all of this with you and hear how you feel about it. I am really excited about it. God has given me so much and now it is time to give back. I have so much love in my heart for all of Gods people and I hope to be a symbol of that love and grace. Thank you Pat for being my son and adding such strength and joy to my life. I talk to you throughout the day and night and I know you hear me. In my conversations with God I feel his love and he has helped me to feel your love as well. You came to me through God and you will always be a part of Gods love for me.

I Love You!


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