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Hi. I'm not sure what to say, I'm afraid, what if i say the wrong thing?
I'll say what I feel in my heart. I love you, I miss you, are you ok?
Sometimes I lay in bed at night and after I pray I always think of you-I
look outside and I wonder, are you warm and happy where ever you are?
Everynight I pray for the same thing.....that you are happy and living life
the way YOU want to.  I was talking to mom yesterday and I asked her if she
remembered when I went to mexico with the church group. Do you remember
that?  I was telling her how good it felt to travel and talk to people about
Jesus, people who may have otherwise never known the word of God, and how
traveling like that made us feel like a family.  That is how I picture you,
smiling and feeling so good about teaching others about Christ. To be
honest, sometimes I get angry...why cant you just call or write? I don't
want to change your life Pat, I just wan't to be part of it.  Sometimes I
get scared, I look at sarah, connor and samantha and think how can I equip
these children to go into this world, even sending them to school is scary!
They miss you and even as busy as thier little minds are they still ask
about thier Uncle Pat now and then and wonder where you are. Of course Tim
misses you to, I think that it's hard for him to talk about it. I know that
before you left we were leading different lives, but I always knew you would
find your way, no matter what you've done in the past you've always been a
good person....I love you Patrick and I miss your smile.  I hope that soon
you will contact me just to let me know you are ok and that you happy.  Most
of all I hope that where ever you are and whatever you are doing that you
are smiling...

with all my love


740 fishers ln
longview, wa 98632

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