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Dear Patrick:  We love you and miss you so much.  We had such wonderful visits with you and treasure them.  We know that you forgive us and that God has forgiven us.  We were desperate and matters got completely out of hand.  Our biggest fear was that you would leave and not forgive us.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We know that you love Jesus and we also do.  We have become deeper and more faithful Christians now and truly have a loving relationship with our Lord.  At one time I questioned whether I truly knew Jesus and now I have no doubts that I do.  You have helped us with that, to know that life is in the Hands of the Lord and to trust in His ways.  Someday we will all know the big picture and until then we just trust in His divine leadings.  We promised you we would not pursue you or chase you any longer but that we would hope for a peaceful and loving visit if we hear you are in an area.  Please consider writing or calling.  Pray about it my dear son, we miss you so much.  We long to hear your voice and to get a letter saying you are doing OK.  I cannot help but be saddened that you are not here to enjoy the wonder of the miracle of birth.  Beth and Mickey had a son, Liam Charles, on April 13.  He is beautiful and we know how much you love children and would enjoy being an uncle to him.  God has blessed us with a healthy and oh so cute grandchild.  Take care of yourself for me.  We love you with an everlasting heart and pray each day for your safety and well being.  May God protect you and may He shine His light on you and guide your ways.  We love you with all our hearts.  Mom, Dad, Mickey, Tim, Sharon and Liam.     

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