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June 29, 1999

Dearest Maria,
    Since this seems to be our only way to communicate with you, we've
decided to make another attempt to keep you up to date in our lives.
    Many things have changed since you left us, some of which we thought
you would like to know.  I think many of the changes will make you happy
and somehow we think your prayers for us may be finally having the
effect you so much desire.
    Dad has not worked, except to keep the farm neat and clean since his
shoulder surgery three years ago.  He has been working in his own little
workshop and is very happy to be doing that.  I finally had the courage
to leave my teaching job at La Purisima. And, now we are both free to
read and study more. We are open to wherever the Lord leads.
    We will be going to Oregon for a family reunion at Aunt Sue and
Uncle Andy's place.  I think there are about 40 or 50 of us who will be
camping for several days there.  Then Dad and I will be going to Spokane
to visit Grandma Perpich and Dad's brothers and sisters who are there.
Then we will be going to spend a month in Minnesota.  Dad wants to take
some time to be truly away from everything so he can make some decisions
and try to discern what the Lord would like us to do with the rest of
our lives.  Then we will head to Florida to spend some time with Uncle
Russ and Aunt Mary (they are both retired now ... they sold the plumbing
business). Then we will be returning home.
    Uncle Alan will be staying at our house while we are gone.  He is
currently out of work and has no where to go.  God must have a plan in
all this, as we were concerned about who would care for Gina and Bear
while we were gone for so long.  Gina is very old now and showing signs
of her age, but she still has such a sweet and charming personality.
Bear is still his crazy self.  Always wants to play and chase sticks.
    Jon and Lori just celebrated their first anniversary.  They are both
fine and happy. They really like living in San Luis Obispo as it is a
much more peaceful lifestyle than Los Angeles.  We just spent Father's
day in the San Francisco area with Joe, Aunti Angela and the boys.  We
all went fishing and really enjoyed each other's company and the
peaceful lake.  They are also all fine.  Angela and the boys are in
Sicily right now, visiting relatives on the little olive ranch that has
been in our family for centuries.  Zack and Miles were very excited to
be going on such an adventure and to see where Papa once lived.  Ben is
still in San Luis Obispo.  He is doing better than he was previously,
but he is still in dire need of prayer and conversion, as are we all.
    We still wish we heard from you more often. We understand that this
separation in our togetherness is probably just as hard on you as it is
on us.  We admire your courage to step out in faith and give up
everything to follow in Jesus' footsteps.  We still question the need
for you to separate yourself so completely from us.  We continue to love
you unconditionally and pray for you and your brothers and sisters in
Christ daily. We would hope that you also continue to pray for us. We
would never harm you or kidnap you.  You are an adult and you are
following what you believe is the true word of God.  We would really
like to know more about your beliefs, because we still have some trouble
understanding why you all do not seek to use your considerable gifts and
talents for the benefit of others. Dad and I read the Bible frequently
now and we cannot see where this idea comes from. I do not say these
things to you in anger, I just really do wonder how Biblically  your
life style squares with the Word.  But, I'm sure somehow it must,
because from what I've read in the tracts you have sent me all that you
do or don't do is Bible based.  I hope we will someday have the
opportunity to discuss these things openly, with you or with some of
your brothers and sisters.
    I have never heard of your group being in Minnesota and where Dad
grew up is so far from anything that very few people ever go there. :-)
But, if the Lord wishes our paths to cross they will.  If not, His will
be done.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your brothers and
sisters daily.
    We love you.  We miss you.
    Shalom, Dearest Daughter,

Dad and Mom

P.S. Read Isaac 58 (especially vs 7)  How would you and your brothers
and sisters interpret its meaning?  Again, this is not meant to be an
offensive question.  It is truly looking for clarification.  There are
many things about your chosen lifestyle that we agree with and find very
appealing, but we cannot find justification for abandoning families that
are not hostile to you or your chosen lifestyle.  There are obviously
some cases where this would seem necessary, but, not always.

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