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My Dear Patrick,

    You are always on my mind and in my heart, my son. I miss you so
very much. You are not only my son but you are also my dearest friend. I
miss our conversations so very much - that was a big and wonderful part
of my life. When you started discussing Bible scripture with me it was
like a dream come true, my prayers had been answered ( as I knew they
would be). The months before you left I prayed a hundred times a day
that God would guide and direct you as He saw fit. My only prayer for
you is that you are doing what God intends you to do. I fit many quite
times into my day - not to be alone but to find the peace that is
required to listen to God. I have found with much prayer and
relinquishment I can quietly listen to God for his wisdom and direction
for me. One of our last conversations together you told me that you
would be coming home and that we could meet in a field somewhere and we
could read scripture and study together. I live for the day that we can
be together again and you can share with me all you have learned and
experienced during your time away. You are a blessing to our family and
we all miss you very much. Darcy and JoAnna are growing daily in their
spiritual lives. The desire to learn as much as they can seems to be
very important to them. They both miss you so very much. Darcy is
teaching Sunday School and JoAnna is reading her Bible, taking baby
steps. She has so many questions about forgiveness and the love God has
to offer us - I know all these questions will be answered for her
through her studies. I would never have dreamed the peace and love God
has given me this past year. The strength He has given me and the love
shown me through His word is wonderful. I often imagine what it would be
like to have all of us together and praying together. Sarah, Connor,
Samantha and Alize speak of you often - what a blessing Uncle Pat would
be to them. I pray that you remember them in your prayers as raising
children can be very challenging and the girls are trying so hard to do
what is right. We had a birthday party for Sarah yesterday - what fun.
Papa  was here and the little girls think he is the best thing that ever
happened. When they run up and hug him he often is teary eyed but there
is always a big smile. The last year has brought many changes here at
home. We have all drawn together and hold each other up when we are
needing encouragement. We all have turned our lives over to God and pray
that our son and brother will contact us soon and share his new life
with us. You and I often spoke of traveling together to see this
wonderful world. I hope someday we will be able to go together and have
more of the wonderful, long conversations we used to have. We are all so
happy that you have found the peace that you were looking for. Please
call and let us know how you are and what is happening in your life. God
gave me the most precious gift of all when he gave you to me and to the
world. You are an intricate part of His plan - all we want to do is
share this with you. You are a man of God and God's plan for you must be
first in your life - but please let us share this with you - as always
you are a blessing to your family and God's. We love you Patrick.

Bless you my son.


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