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Dear Bob,

We prayed for God's blessings for you on the 28th anniversary of your birth
date on July 20.
We are sorry this did not get posted on time, but we have no control over
this site.

We know you don't celebrate, but your parents do.  It was one of the best
days of our lives and we thank God for your life.

The new wing to our church is almost completed.  It will house mainly
church school rooms and a choir and music room.  An alter cross is being
placed in your honor in the new Young Adult classroom.  We have hope that
one day you will be able to visit it.  We have a new pastor, he and his
wife have a son the same age as you.

We pray that you are doing well, and we still would like for you to call
home so we can tell you some matters in private.

Son, we love you very much and miss you terribly.  Happy Birthday!

Love as always.

Mom and Dad

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