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Dear Anavah, Navarah and all of the authors of letters to me,

I want to thank you all so very much for the time you have taken to write to me and your expressions of faith and the care that you show for my son, Michael Rase.  Words cannot express my overwhelming joy in receiving all of your kind letters.  I am so grateful. Your note was so beautifully decorated with dried flowers that I have included in a package which I mailed a week ago, should be arriving any day, fresh flowers from my garden packed in silica crystals.  I know that you will enjoy them as I have in growing them.  My garden work is a way in which I meditate, with many prayers for Michael sprinkled amongst the posies that I have sent to you...hence their beauty.  You will also find, amoungst the usual, winter clothing and a jug of honey to warm you inside and out.  And, I have  enclosed a map to my house with an open invitation.

If in your ministry your paths should cross that of my son's, please direct him to the opportunity on this webpage for us to mutually reassure each other of my deep love and concern for him. He has not yet reached out and responded to my letter written this spring at this site.  In one month, probably less, a new child will be born to his brother, Chris, and wife, Sue.  His name will be Jeffrey Michael Rase.  Please tell him so that he can know and be reassured of the tremendous love that all of the family has for Michael.

Love and Peace in God's many blessings,

Carol Prothro

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