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Hello, Michael,

I have received 4 beautiful letters from some of your sisters and I have met Jason.  All of these contacts have been very loving and joyous for me.  I worry that you are tormented about whether to call, write or e-mail and entertain some concerns about doing so.  Honey, I love you.  God will provide the words.  Hearing from each other will be kind and the loving act that we both desire.  Remember all of those calls home as you traversed the country on your bike, sharing the gospel...your trip across 1/2 of Washington?  I know that you are spreading joy in God's Word to others.  I believe that it is now time for our family to share our love.  Michael, we miss you terribly.

I have left letters to you with Jason in Berkeley and sent several packages to the Richmond address.  If you have received them by now, you know that your brother is married, that they are expecting a son, Jeffrey Michael.  You see, we all have an incredible love for you.  For some photos, I am attaching my webpage, fresh off the press.  I am not a computer expert, so I hope it works!   Click onto the blue hyper-link at the top of this page and it will take you to it.  I created it for you, and I still have not been able to get recent photos of Sue and Chris posted on it, so keep checking it.

Some of the items that I have sent to Richmond include special flowers dried from my garden which I have developed in the process of a spiritual discourse with God and you.  Somehow, the time to meditate, turn the soil and nurture and be nurtured in the wonder of God's beauty as I sow and tend to his seeds has made me feel closer to you.  I have also sent cookies, lots of personal items and winter clothing.  My long held concern that you had frozen to death during some of our cold winters was relieved by Jason, but he also said that he had not seen you for several years.

Michael, know that you are loved immeasurably and that God's grace surpasses all understanding.  Pray very hard about contacting us to share our unending love.



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