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Dear Patrick:

Dad was thrilled to see you last week even though it was brief.  Just to see you are doing OK is a blessing to us.  Just to hear your voice over the telephone no words can express the wonderful feeling that gives to me and knowing you are doing well.  I kept asking dad to tell me over and over what you looked like.  He said you look wonderful, your appearance and bright eyes that give a healthy look are all we can ask for right now.  God wanted dad to meet with you that day as it was only by God's divine guidance did he find you.  Every corner he took led him right to you.  It truly was a miracle that he found you, if he had looked away for a minute, he would have missed you.  We are so blessed.  If you could only understand that we would like to hear from you and know you are healthy and all is well with you.  I was very happy to hear you are wearing a helmet.  I wish you would wear your glasses but maybe your eyes have improved and you do not need them.  I know how nearsighted you were before.  We love you and miss you so terribly.  In reading the bible I now know that we will not be without troubles but if we trust in Him, we will have peace.   I can now say that God has given us that peace.  We truly trust in Jesus to show all of us the way.  We have good news to tell you and that is your sister is engaged.  You met Wes and seemed to like him.  I know he likes you a lot.  They both would like you to be here for their wedding.  No date has been set but probably next year sometime.  Please think about that and maybe you will come home for a visit.  Mickey, Beth, Liam, Tim and Ranee are all doing good.  Liam is now seven months old and growing like a weed.  He is a little guy, just weighs 16-17 lbs.  He's small but so was Mickey at that age.  He sits up now and is trying to talk and it comes out just cute little noises.  He's a very good natured baby just like Mickey was, you would love him.  We all miss you so much.  The holidays seem to be especially hard as we all want you to be with us.  Take care of yourself for me.  We love you with an everlasting heart.  May God guide your every step and lead you on the path to home.

Yours in Christ, Mom and Dad     

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