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December 15, 1999

Our Dear Bart,

As I write this letter, we are getting our first snowfall this year, and how lovely it is.  We put up the Christmas tree on Sat., and your very special angel adorns the top.  We will be with Cheri and her family over the holidays in Lancaster, PA.  They have just moved back there.  Her address is:  154 Canterbury Turn, Lancaster, PA, 17601.  We are all looking forward to being together.  Jordan and Tommy are really something.  As Heidi was finding little things to wrap around the house ( one of her favorite things to do ), she wanted to wrap a present for you.  I told her I was sorry, but I really didn't know where to send it, but that you loved her very much.  She found something anyway, and it is under the tree.  She's steadfast, that gal.  The one gift we can send from her as well as us is our unconditional love.  May you be at peace, in good health, and warm this Christmas season.  Know you are always with us, and that we are always ready to receive you with open arms.

Your Uncle Lawrence pasted away last month after many years of parkinson's desease.  Aunt Dee is still in the same house and doing pretty well for her age.  What a sweetheart she is. She always ask about you.  Your Aunt Pearl and Aunt Eileen passed away this summer.  Dee is the last one left of your Grandma Wilcox side.  Time is moving on.  I cannot believe your dad and I are 55 and 54.  It seems only yesterday we met in Yellowstone.  He has been a wonderful husband and father.  God was very generous when he led him to me. 

You probally know that we had a web page on you for several years.  We have removed it.  There is the parent's web page, and from it many families have found what has happeded to their missing children.  We do pray you are reading this, but we have no way of knowing without a word from you.  May God lead you to contact us.   Your friends and family ( too many to list ) all send their love.

We have become friends with many former members in your fellowship.  They are wonderful people.  We know you are with nice brothers and sisters.  We know many and their parents.  We are what seems like a family too.  Gad has been very good to the parents, and he has been a real blessing.

With Love,  Mom, Dad, and Heidi
P.S.  Both Molly and Sammy have little boys, Aristotelis and Jesse

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