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January 31, 2000

Dear Joanna,  I hope you get to read this.  We miss you still, and hope you are well and happy.  We are getting older, I'm sure you realize.  Bob is 73 and I am 71.  We have been married 52 years, soon to be 53.  That means that you are soon to be 46.  It's hard to imagine.

We have both had some medical problems, but seem to be doing all right for the present.  I keep wondering where you are in all of this winter weather.  It would be such a comfort if you could only let us know that you are o.k.

Our winter has really been pretty mild, but right now we are having some very cold temperatures.  There is a little snow on the ground, but nothing like in other places.  We are glad for a warm place to be, and friends who have been a big help in our troubled times.  The Jayroes are both ill, now.  Pete is on oxygen, and Helene has had a stroke.  Barbara & Marilyn and families keep in touch, which is great.  Life goes on without you, but would be so much better if you would keep in touch.     All our love as always,    Dad & Mom

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