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August 14, 2000


I wanted to get an urgent message to you in the hopes that you could consider coming home for some type of a visit to see Mom. We thought it was absolutely wonderful how the Lord was able to work out a visit with you and the folks in Littleton. I'm sure you recall that Mom's health wasn't all that good. Unfortunately, her health has really taken a turn for the worse. The combination of leukemia and Parkinson's has taken a toll. She is VERY, VERY weak---she can't take care of even the basic needs of getting dressed or using the bathroom. She even needs help to stand, as she can't stand by herself---and this being that she's only 69. She has lost probably 50-75 pounds as well. I really do believe that unless the Lord undertakes a powerful work of healing, she won't be around next summer. I have been very pleased that Michelle and Rene have moved home and have given Mom very good care and attention

I don't have a clue as to your whereabouts (unfortunately, we haven't for 20+ years) nor do I know whether you will ever receive this, but I would like to make a request that you make EVERY EFFORT POSSIBLE to see your mother at least one last time.

On a brighter note, Kim and I are expecting our third child this February. We are very, very happy about this.

We look forward to seeing you.

With love,


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