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August 23, 2000

My Dearest Patrick (Kishi),

We miss you so very much! I wanted to share with you some wonderful news. We have been planning a wedding. JoAnna met the most wonderful young man a year ago. They were acquaintances for about six months before they started dating. They became engaged three months ago. Grant absolutely adores JoAnna and Alize,. You would really like Grant and will be happy to hear he is a spiritual man. JoAnna has never been this happy and her life has changed so much. You would be very proud of her and the decisions she has made. Jo doesn't plan on working anymore, so she can be a full time mom and wife. They will be living in a lovely home on a lake and it is very beautiful and peaceful. JoAnna had chosen not to have anyone walk her down the isle as she says that is reserved for you, she has now decided that your Dad will walk her and that made him happy. On this special day even if you are not there she will walk with you in her heart. Jerry Williams and Sarah told Darcy that your Hebrew name is Kishi-the Lord did indeed snare you and set your path straight. Darcy and Tim enjoyed a wonderful visit with Jerry and Sarah in Ft. Collins and felt very blessed by the meeting. You are in your family's prayers everyday.

We all miss you so very much; Papa and Sharon send their love. I spent the afternoon with Papa today. He cannot see or get around very well, but he is still working in his garden and yard. I do not know how he does it. We had a great visit and he sends his love and prayers. Alize and Samantha are with us this evening. We are having fun listening to them visit and draw pictures of each other. They both see your picture and tell everyone that it is their Uncle Pat.

Darcy and Tim are doing well and are happy. They miss you and wish you were in their lives and we all wish we could hear how you are doing and about your life. We have all been blessed with good health and God's blessings. Auntie Marie and Uncle Eric also send their love. I had a nice visit with Marie today and she is very excited about JoAnna getting married.

I love you and miss you so very much. You are in my prayers and mind always. I pray you are well and I know God is watching over you always.

This is for you:

There's a prayer inside my heart
That I said for you today
And this is what my heart
Is sending your way.

I prayed that God would give your life
All the grace it needs
And enough peace and joy
To make your life sing

I prayed that love would be found
Around every bend
And that your life would be made rich
With all that God's love sends

There's a silver cord that binds us now
Even though it can't be seen
Because of the priceless treasure
Only a mother's prayer can bring

I pray God will touch your heart and that we will hear from you soon.

All My Love Forever,

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