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August 28, 2000

Dear Bart,

Each day I relive the peaceful and wonderful four hours God blessed us with in Minneapolis. You looked wonderful, son. As I said, you are with us each and every day. We shared the reunion with many of your friends and of course our family and friends and all rejoiced at God's mercy. It had been a long 9 1/2 years. It was very difficult for Dad not to see you, but he felt it best for me to go alone. Hopefully you will now know you have nothing to fear, that we only love you. It is unconditional love, Bart.

You may have been hearing or reading about the fires in Montana. It's been a very dry summer and we have tried to keep things watered. The clean clear Montana air has been hazy and smoky for a month in our area and hundreds are fighting it. We are praying for early snowfall or rain. It comes and goes, but our mountains have been difficult to see clearly. As I told you, we live in Gallatin Gateway on Hawk Hill Rd., but do not receive mail there. Our view is wonderful but not as clear as usual.

Bart, we do hope you will think seriously about caring for your ear by an ENT doctor. I'm sure you'll never forget all you went through and what you were advised to do to prevent serious problems. Odor is a warning. We will help you if you'll let us. We're always here for you.

Miss Heidi was so happy to know I finally found you. She's thought you were lost.

Cheri's little Jordan Faith started kindergarten today. She's in an all Spanish program and will be a bilingual. I believe I told you they are in Lancaster. Several years ago Cheri and I visited Lou and Laurie Duncan there. They had met you and were with your group a long time. Cheri recently talked to Lou and he rejoiced at our meeting. They are in Ohio now. Tommy will be 4 in Oct. and Jordan, 6 in Jan. Seems like yesterday you and Cheri were that age in Michigan and playing with the Evans. Yavonne still calls you her cookie monster. That Tommy loves to fish like his grandpa.

Bart, you might remember I told you I was leaving Minneapolis at 8 p.m. Thurs. night after seeing you Wed. night. When we were not going to meet again, I ended up taking an earlier flight since I had to leave Bozeman early Fri. for Florida to care for Grandma and Grandpa Eitel. We learned two brothers were at the airport at that 8 p.m. flight, for we happened to have a friend getting on that flight. If that was you coming to say good-bye, our hearts were touched. God really blessed us in letting us hear about that. I did fly to Florida for the week. Grandma had her 3rd intestinal cancer surgery and grandpa 6 weeks of radiation for prostate cancer. They needed help. Aunt Pat had gone the first week and I took the second. They were so happy for my visit with you. After seeing you I drove to see Aunt Dee to tell her the wonderful news of seeing you. It did her heart good. She is failing fast. She loves you so and has always had faith in you.

Cheri will come to Montana Oct. 5th-10th alone. We hunger to see her. She has been a wonderful daughter to us and is a dear. Please remember King David, Bathsheba, and Uriah in your judgment. God had a forging heart. Can you?

I will place this on the web page and send a copy % of Jerry Williams to Ft. Collins who I am sure will let you know of it's arrival. May God lead you to read it.

Please say hello to John if you are still together. I've heard you recruited Michael Rase. If you see him I am asking you to please have him call or write his mother. She has suffered so with the loss of Michael's sister, another son, and now Michael's absence. It is the right thing to do.

Molly recently called and sent a picture of her precious little boy. She married a man from Greece. Her address is Molly Takvorian, 3312 Hancock Dr., Austin TX, 78731-5430

Our Love to You,
Mom, Dad, and Heidi

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