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February 26, 2001

Dear Patrick:

It has been a long time since I updated a letter on the website. We have no idea if you ever read them but want you to know what is happening at home. We have given many letters and pictures to the brothers and hope that you have received them. In the last 22 months you have become an uncle three times. Liam was born last April 13 to Mickey and Beth. He is such a cutie. He is now at the stage of repeating everything that is said. In his own precious way he mimics every word and gesture. You'd love him, he's so much fun to play with. On December 1, Mickey and Beth were proud parents again to Colin. He was a big baby over 9 lb. At first, I did not see the resemblance to you but Beth did. Mickey told Beth not to tell me as I might be hurt. On the contrary, I am thrilled. God has bless us with a grandchild that looks like you. I hold him and the years melt away. His little face is so like yours was. I feel such a closeness to him because he reminds me of you. He's such a good quiet baby like you were.

And then there is Ashley, Tim and Ranee's little girl. What a sweet beautiful girl she is. Laughs all the time. She was born July 27 on Grampa Kelley's birthday. By the way, Grampa is doing good. He misses Nana terribly but is doing OK and asks for you all the time. Sharon married Wes on September 23. They had a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding. Sharon had a hard time adjusting to leaving home but she is doing good now. Being home for 29 years and being waited on was an adjustment for her to give up. I thought it would be harder for us then her but she had it made here. We miss her but we have joint custody of her dog Maddie. Dad loves that dog and wouldn't let her go with Sharon to Braintree. That is where she is living now with Wes. It is about 40 minutes from here and we have to go through the city of Boston to the South Shore.

Dad and I still go skiing every weekend and he is still an instructor at Waterville Valley. We have learned many lessons over the last four years and know that God has shown us the way. Without the pain and suffering we have been through, as well as you have, we all would not be in the place we are now. God has shown us very patiently that He is in charge and will lead the way. We have put all our cares in His divine hands and know that when all is done we all will be better people for it. We all have a closeness and personal relationship with our Lord that we did not have before. May God take care of you, our precious son. You are greatly missed and loved tremendously. All of thoughts and prayers go with you each day. God bless, we love you forever.

Mom, Dad and the Kids

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