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August 3, 2001

Dearest Joe,

The joy and peace of the Child Jesus be with you. How are you my Chu? My hope is that you are well and healthy. You are often in my dreams I guess because I long to see you. Here is our new address in case you choose to write - I hope you choose to.

Dr. and Mrs. Harry McDade
280 BSB Cmr 457
Box 245
APO AE 09733

One wonderful thought occured to me. In scripture where Jesus said when you choose him it will be division "Son against Father, Daughter against Mother...." the words are not exact, but the spirit is there: "division". But you know what Joe? We are not divided! What a blessing that was to me when God in his mercy sent me that thought. We are only separated - because we choose Jesus too.

You chose to separate yourself from us, but Jesus is our God too. He is in our midst no less than in yours. Remember the prayer "Lord I am not worthy that you should come under my roof, but only say the word and I shall be healed".

I pray that God sets your feet on Holy Ground and stirs the gifts you already carry within: fear of the Lord, knowledge, wisdom, patience, fortitude, courage - I can only remember 6 of the virtues.

May our all-powerful Father in heaven who created the universe and all that dwells therein in his kind mercy fill you with every good thing and stir in you every natural and supernatural gift to bring to fruition in you what in his wisdom he has placed in your heart for you, who because of his faithfulness to his people from generation to generation deserves that we become reflections of his generous love and mercy.

Your Dad is doing well. He had been sick for a while but it looks like things are getting better. Sean and Stephanie visited us in Germany in June and Paul and Elizabeth may come for Christmas. Andrew and Little Joe might come to live with us in September, but we're not sure. We will all meet on Duck Island in North Carolina where Stephanie's mother has rented a house. Like Mary at the wedding where Jesus performed his first miracle "they have no wine" and then they had the best wine made from water by Jesus mercy. I pray that you will make our joy complete by being there. It is not a need like the wine was not a need it was just an expression of Jesus, our God's boundless mercy and kindness.

You are in your mother's prayers.
Love Mom


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