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October 7, 2001

Dear Patrick,

So many things have been happening lately. The attack on America is devastating to all of us in this country as well as all of the free world. Everyone will remember where they were at that time. We pray you and your brothers/sisters are well and were not near the sites. I do hope that if they were near the sites that they were able to help in some way. It is so hard not knowing where you are and if you are safe. Suddenly the priorities of so many have changed forever. That is not a bad thing. So many have turned to the meaning of God and what this life is all about. The way I see it is that family is even more important. To have each other and know that we are loved unconditionally is one of the most valuable things on this earth. The most important is that we have faith in Jesus and that he will be with us at all times. Jesus gives us the strength to see things through. We miss you so much and the last few weeks have been a struggle.

Dad was told that he had a tumor on his stomach and that they had to surgically remove it and also find out why he has been having attacks of blockage in his intestines, five times since January, each time we went to the emergency room of the hospital. The first was in Waterville Valley and we went to Spear Hospital. You made a visit there once with a ski injury -- remember. Dad was operated on at New England Medical Center in Boston and we are very grateful to our Lord that He gave us a wonderful surgeon and that her hands were guided by Him and that everything is OK. Another lesson in life. We will never again look at this world the same and the Lord Jesus Christ is the only answer.

Just to keep you up to day -- if you do read this -- you will be an uncle for the fifth time in May. Sharon and Wes are expecting a baby in May. They are thrilled and so are all of us. Lima will be three years old in April, so we will have five wonderful little people around pretty soon. Lima and Colin are Mickey and Beth's boys; Ashley is Tim and Range's little girl and they are expecting in November. Now we have Woes and Sharon waiting for their bundle of joy. Sharon is feeling good and is so happy. Maybe the baby will be born on your birthday. We hope you will write, call or visit before then.

Well, my son, we sure do miss you. All of the events that have happened have been so many and we only wish you could be here to share them with us. The good and the not so good. We need you in our lives now more than ever. We love you with an everlasting heart. May God be with you and guide you on your path. May He show you the true meaning of life and that we care so much for you.

Yours in Christ,
Mom and Dad


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