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January 13, 2002

Greetings, dear Shannon!

I love Sundays, which are days of total worship and fellowship among the saints. I was showing a friend of mine the album of your life, and she immediately noticed what is clear to everyone: you are such a unique and outstanding young lady that you did not seem to experience close fellowship with others in the world since you were always focused on spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development to a degree that others simply could not comprehend. People like you, Mother Teresa, and other exceptional and outstanding people often lack fellowship because others can't comprehend your depth and discipline. A precious kind of fellowship seems to be the natural consequence of being in a church with like-minded saints. We are blessed!!!

We telephone Gran every Sunday. She is doing fine but misses you so much and cries when she thinks of you and your rejection of her. So many passages in the Bible suggest that love is the major characteristic of God's people, and love among grandparents, parents, and children seems to be assumed and natural. We are surprised sad that members of your church isolate themselves from their parents and grandparents who love them and want to support and help them, which is a biblical principle.

We are active in many ministries and would love to support you and your work for the Lord and His people. You always reminded me of Mother Teresa who has so much to love to pour out on the lost and needy. Your extraordinary gift of music (including song writing) can be used in such powerful ways. I am more of an academic type, but the Lord has used even me to support His missionaries who spread the Word through their witness and work on the streets of the world and wherever they find people in need of love and the Good News. My work with international students provides wonderful opportunities for reaching out to unbelievers. I always wear a cross necklace, and this instantly leads to conversations about Christ. I'm so encouraged by the amazing way the Lord uses us to reach out to the lost and the amazing results from our work for Him.


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