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February 17, 2002

Greetings, dear Shannon!

I love you!!! I told your story to the Senior Ladies Sunday School class today. I just praise God that He gave me such a precious, unique soul as my daughter. Thank you for all the joy you brought to me as you were growing up, dear child. Oh, how I wish I had been a Christian and a better mother, but God blessed me anyway, and I'm so grateful. He isn't finished with me yet!!! Do you pray for me?

You are in my prayers every day. I miss you!!! My teaching keeps me busy and provides a wonderful opportunity for me to reach out to the unbelievers who are in my classes. The Lord has given me a vision for a residential English school here on Capitol Hill. International business men and women will come to me to learn English, but they will discreetly be taught the Word of God. The school will serve 2-4 clients each month. The hearts and minds of Arab Muslims, Japanese atheists, and Chinese communists who participate in this residential English program will be changed after they interact with Christians for 12 hours per day over a period of 14 or more days. Even if these business men and women do not become believers, they will return to their own countries knowing what Christianity and a biblical lifestyle really are. I've seen the hearts of Muslims softened to the Word after they visit Capitol Hill Baptist Church, which is a healthy church where the Word of God is eloquently preached and songs of praise reach the heavens. I am so excited about sharing this treasure with the people the Lord sends to Washington, DC to study American culture, language and business. Please pray about the possibility of coming here and assisting in this ministry, Shannon. I would teach our clients in the morning, and you could spend the afternoon taking these visitors to see the attractions of the Washington, DC area, which would provide for you a wonderful opportunity to teach them about Christianity as you converse with them about the American lifestyle and the Christian lifestyle. You could be a powerful witness to God as you shared all you've learned about culture, religion, and history with our clients. The Lord would bring forth abundant fruit from your labor with the lost in this world that He so loved that He sent His Son. We would be a wonderful team, dear daughter!!!


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